Terminating rent

Are you moving out of your room? Read the information below carefully.
You can terminate your rent on any day of the month, with one month’s notice.
For example: if you cancel on 14 May, then 15 May is the earliest possible end of you contract. The last rental day must not be on a holiday or weekend.
Do you want to terminate your rental contract with effect from the first of the month? Then choose the last day of the month before as the end date.
For example: You decide on 9 May that you no longer want to rent from Maasvallei from 1 July. Then choose 30 June as the end date.
You don't have to wait until one month before your move to cancel. You may also cancel your rent earlier, for example two or three months in advance.

You can terminate your rental contract in writing using the form below or by sending a registered letter.

Required data
In order to accept and process your termination, we need the following information from you:
 - The desired end date of your rental contract.
 - Your new address/correspondence address. (Street name, house number,zip code, city and country).
 - Your telephone number and/or e-mail address.
 - Your permission (yes or no) for sharing your contact details with a new prospective tenant to view the property. Without your permission, we cannot bring new prospective tenants into contact with you and any takeovers cannot be offered.

Preliminary inspection
After receiving your termination, an appointment will be scheduled for a preliminary inspection. During this inspection, the supervisor will walk with you through the house to determine how you should leave the house and which items may be offered to the new tenant for takeover.

Viewing by new tenants
If you have agreed to this, Maasvallei will get you in contact with a new prospective tenant to schedule a viewing. As soon as this new tenant accepts the house, you can negotiate with him/her about the things you want to offer for takeover.

Final inspection
Maasvallei will make an appointment with you for a final inspection. This usually takes place on the last day of your rental contract. During this final inspection, the supervisor will check whether you are delivering the house as agreed as described in our brochure and the checklist attached separately to the rental confirmation email, you will take the meter readings together and you will hand in the keys.
When you have nominated someone, no final inspection takes place either.

Final bill
Finally, you will receive the final bill within a few weeks after the final account. This lists all amounts that are still outstanding and/or have to be settled. Any overpaid rent will then also be refunded to you.
We have received your notice of termination. Maasvallei will send you a written confirmation within five working days.
Fields with an * are mandatory.

To ensure that you, as a departing tenant, can make arrangements with a possible new tenant about a viewing and any takeovers (e.g. upholstery and furniture), Maasvallei would like to provide the potential new tenant with your contact details. However, we will not do this without your permission. That is why we ask you to indicate below whether we may provide your data.
Fields with an * are mandatory.