We are Ellen, Jos, Ingrid and Hélène. We will help you to make your stay in one of our rooms, studios or apartments into a great experience.

Who is eligible for Maasvallei’s student housing?
The requirements for eligibility:
  • Your maximum age is 27.
  • You are or will be registered as a student of the Hogeschool Zuyd, Jan van Eyck Academie or Maastricht University. 
  • You must be registered with Maastricht Housing.
Where do I find available housing?
Our available rooms, studios or apartments can only be found on www.maastrichthousing.nl. This is a shared platform on which multiple trusted organizations offer their housing. You recognize our offerings by the little Maasvallei logo in the top-right corner of the advertisement image.

How do I apply for a room, studio or apartment?
  • Register on www.maastrichthousing.nl.
  • Pay the Maastrichthousing one-time €35 membership fee.
  • Respond to an advertisement you are interested in.
  • Every Sunday night the advertisements will expire. The candidate who is registered longest will then receive an invitation to go look at the room. You will either arrange this viewing with the current tenant or by picking up a key at our office in Maastricht.
  • After the viewing you let us know via the website whether or not you accept the room. In case you are still abroad you may also accept without viewing.
  • By accepting you will be obliged to enter into a contract with Maasvallei. The contract will be send to you for signing digitally by Valid Sign within a few days.
  • On the day of moving in, you can pick up the keys at our office or we will handover the key in the room/studio/appartment.

How to end your contract
Because we need to make some appointments with you for room inspections, you can only end your contract by phone: 043 368 37 37.
Please take note that you have a minimum of 30 days’ notice. When calling us we will ask you for your new address and best date/time
 for the inspections. We will also ask if you are willing to let new candidates view your room before you leave.

Can a friend pass on a room to me?
Only student-rooms may be passed on to a friend. Studios and apartments are not eligible to be passed on. How it works: The current tenant must give your contact details when he or she ends his/her contract. We will then contact you to arrange the contract. You must of course meet the requirements to rent a student room.

Only student rooms may be subletted, when you have an internship abroad for example. Studios and/or Apartments cannot be subletted. 
To sublet we need the following information:
  • Copy of both ID’s.
  • You: Proof of internship / other reason to temporarily.
  • Subletter: Proof of student registration.
  • Start and end date of the subletting contract.
  • Current contact details.
Please take note that the following rules apply, after Maasvallei approved your request:
  • You will make a one-time payment of €35,-.
  • Your contract with us will remain, meaning you are still responsible to pay the monthly rent yourself.
  • You will have to move back in as soon as the subletting period ends.
  • The subletter must leave the room on the last day of the subletting contract.
  • The subletter must meet all contractual obligations during his/her stay.
  • The maximum period may not exceed 1 year.
  • The rent cannot be higher than the rent you have paid yourself.
  • You both have to sign the subletting contract.